Fat Tire Snow Bikes at MWP

140219-fatbiking2-1608_c1ae022d175f484f0ccea038db3e4359Winter Park welcomes fat bikes on our 15K of Wilderness Trails as well as the 4.3K Breaking Free snowshoe trail.



Please note – while we offer biking trails we do not have on-site bike rentals.

Please explore one of the many ski/bike shops in the area for availability/rates.



Fat Biking Trail Rates
Adult $15

Senior $12

Youth (6-18) $10

All riders are required to check-in at the chalet before and after exploring the trails.

A “fat tire” bike is similar to a mountain bike that is equipped with tires that are at least 3.8″ wide and are inflated to 2-10 PSI. The over-sized tires allow the bike to distribute the weight of the rider over a larger contact patch, and the larger contact patch then provides greater flotation on snow, sand, and other soft surfaces, similar to a snowshoe.