Thank you again to all of the wonderful racers and volunteers that participated in the 2017 Moose Tracks race. 

Congratulations to all of the participants! Visit our Moose Tracks photo album on Facebook for more photos!

5K Overall Awards – Men
1st Derek Tassler
2nd Dave Rau
3rd Dick Lange 

5K Overall Awards – Women
1st Gina Quednow
2nd Barb Wilke
3rd Aurora Rinehart

10K Overall Awards – Men
1st Mike Quednow
2nd John Wilke

10K Overall Awards – Women
1st Jennifer Chaudoir

Age Class Awards 5K Women

Michelle Czlapinski 1st (30-39)

Debbie Quednow 1st (50-59)

Majda Parker 2nd (50-59)

Judy Punke 1st (60-69)

Michelle Lange 2nd (60-69)

Kitty Rau 3rd (60-69)

Age Class Awards 5K Men

Paul Wilke 1st (50-59)

Brad Bacher 2nd (50-59)

Alvin Peters 1st (60-69)

Mark Mueller 1st (70-79)