MWP’s New History Committee Is Soliciting Submissions

The Board of Directors of Minocqua Winter Park have established a History Committee with the following directives: Collect, validate, and share the story of skiing at Minocqua Winter Park/Squirrel Hill, as well as the evolution of Nordic skiing culture in the Lakeland area.
The first stage of the History project focuses specifically on the development of the xc ski trails at Minocqua Winter Park. We are seeking information from the first season, starting in the Fall of 1978-79, through the 1989-90 season. Submissions may include, but are not limited to: Photos, videos, newspapers, promotional material, trail maps, and personal anecdotes.
Personal anecdotes are especially valuable. Topics may include: the trails I worked on, my friends who also helped, how the trail names were decided, personal relationships that developed…..and many more.
Submissions should include date, location, brief description, and provenance (origin, ownership, and history of items). High resolution digital submissions are preferred. Oral histories submitted as text will be easiest to process, but high quality digital recordings are still very useful.
Committee members are eager to meet contributors and assist with scanning, photographing, and recording. Please contact: committee chair Wes Doak at with submissions, interview requests, and questions. Committee members also include Zeke Fashingbauer and Jon Hollander. Subsequent stages in the History project will be announced from time to time. Especially important is to locate a copy of the trail map from the 1978-79 season.