Family Friendly Trail Activities for the Week of 1/13








StoryWalk® on Creek Trail (Ski Trail)

Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner, is the story of the journey of a girl and her father that will unfold page by page while you explore Winter Park. Follow along as they ski through the woods meeting sleeping bears, stealthy foxes, and snacking beavers – all in the miraculous animal kingdom under the snow!

 This is a “traveling book” activity that will be moved weekly to follow ski trails, snowshoe trails and around the ice skating pond throughout the year. Thanks to the Minocqua Public Library and Lakeland Union High School for their continued support of this project.






Bunny Trail Activity: Tricky Tracking

Do you ever wonder what animals make all those tracks in the snow? Ski the 2 km Bunny Trail and test your animal tracking skills. Use the clues at each station to try and guess which tracks belong to these Northwoods animals. Use your new found skills to identify which animals are sharing our other Winter Park trails.