Event Policies

Non-Transferable Registration

Registered participants my change race techniques and distances up to 60-minutes before race start. Registration is not transferable to other athletes or events for any reason, including injury. Competing without a registered bib, or competing with a bib that is registered under a different name, will result in the immediate disqualification all involved athletes.

Weather Dependent

Our winter ski, skijor, and snowshoe races are snow- and weather-dependent events. Race organizers will make every reasonable effort to improve the race course, use alternate routes, or re-classify a race as a non-competitive tour as snow conditions demand. Minocqua Winter Park will strive to hold safe and fun events to the best of the ability and safety of its staff and volunteers.

Winter Park’s non-snow events are held rain or shine. These events are cancelled when there is lightning, tornadoes, or other hazardous weather.

Cancellation, Notification, & Fees

Registration and transaction fees are non-refundable, including under the circumstance that Minocqua Winter Park is forced to reschedule or cancel an event due to poor snow conditions or hazardous weather. Official notice of event cancellation or rescheduling will be emailed to participants 24-hours before the scheduled event start time. Notice will also be posted on this website.

If a registrant is unable to participate in the event due to cancellation or non-attendance, the registration fee may be considered a tax-deductible donation to the 501(c)(3) Minocqua Winter Park Trail Fund Corporation to the fullest extent allowable under IRS guidelines.

Additional donations to the Trail Fund are always welcome!

Athlete’s Release Acknowledgement

Assumption of Risk

Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, skijoring, trail running, and off-trail running are action sports carrying significant risk of serious personal injury, death, or property damage. 

There are natural, mechanical, and environmental conditions and risks which independently or in combination with my activities may cause property damage, or severe or even fatal injuries to me or others. 

Participants agree that they alone are responsible for: (a) their safety while participating in competitive events and, (b) providing, utilizing and maintaining that equipment necessary for the safe enjoyment of their participation in such events and specifically acknowledge that the following persons or entities including Minocqua Winter Park employees and volunteers, the promoters, the sponsors, the organizers, the officials and any agent, representative, officer, director, employee, member or affiliate, of any person or entity named above are not responsible for their safety. 

Participants specifically RELEASE and DISCHARGE, in advance, those parties from any and all liability whether known or unknown, even that liability which may arise out of negligence or carelessness on the part of persons and entities identified above. 

Participants further agree to forever HOLD HARMLESS and INDEMNIFY all persons and entities identified above, generally and specifically, from any and all liability for death, personal injury or property damage, resulting in any way from my participating in competitive events. 

Participants must have and agree to maintain throughout the time that they train and compete, valid and sufficient medical and accident insurance. 

Participants understand that it is their sole responsibility and release all persons and entities identified above from providing this coverage for them. 

Participants must accept and abide by any rules or regulations imposed by the organizers of any particular competition. 

This Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk and Release shall be binding upon participants’ heirs and assigns.

Photography Release:

Participants grant absolute right and permission to the Lakeland Ski Touring Foundation and Minocqua Winter Park Trail Fund to use photographic portraits of them for illustration, promotion, and advertising purposes.

More Information

If you have any questions regarding Minocqua Winter Park’s event policies, please contact us.