Fat Biking

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Winter Park Snow Bike Trail Etiquette

Only ride on designated trails.

Snow bikes must have tires at least 3.8 inches wide.

Tire pressure should be low enough (often as little as 5 psi) to give sufficient flotation so that you can travel over snow without leaving a rut deeper than 1/2 inch.  If this is not possible, please do not proceed onto trails and promptly notify Winter Park staff.

Do not proceed onto trails if you have insufficient traction to be able to safely control your bike and ride in a straight line.  Notify Winter Park staff.

Ride on the firmest part of the trail.

Do not ride on or in the classic tracks.

If walking up a hill, always walk as far to the left as possible.

Call out and walk your bike when approaching all other users.

Skiers don’t have brakes but you do!  If overtaking a skier, do so as slowly as possible, preferably on foot.

Be an ambassador for the sport:  be safe, stay polite, educate skiers and other riders, discourage bad behavior and always follow the rules.

Help out and get involved in Winter Park!