Try These Trail Activities!

Ski or snowshoe to the Nature Shelter this Saturday and Sunday (12/30 and 12/31) and check out the “Fat, Feathers, and Fur” activity.  Say hi to our naturalist in residence, Barb, and take the BLUBBER CHALLENGE! Learn about the different ways Northwoods animals have adapted to survive the winter.




Poops, pellets, and popsicles! Check out our “That’s Gross!” activity. Ski the 2 KM Bunny Trail (Silver Strider, Sleigh Ride, Nepco’s Cruise) and learn about the weird and wacky behaviors of our local wildlife.    (12/30 – 1/5)




Snowshoe the Nature Shelter trail and follow the adventure of Nicki’s mitten on this fun StoryWalk® adventure! (12/30 – 1/12)