MWP’s Ambassador Program—A Rewarding Volunteer Adventure

The MWP Ambassadors are enthusiastic volunteers who wish to provide a  memorable experience for our guests.  Ambassadors answer questions about trails, terrain, directions, programs, and other Park information.  Ambassadors help guests explore the park and meet other skiers.

Especially rewarding for Ambassadors is the opportunity to interact with guests personally and to enjoy the relatitionships that may develop.

Volunteers of all experience levels are encouraged to share their enthusiasm for skiing and for MWP by serving as an Ambassador.  The Ambassador Training Program assures a successful and rewarding experience.

Eleven Ambassadors served our guests last season, the first season for the Program.  The overwhelmingly positive response from among our guests guarantees that each volunteer’s efforts will be invaluable to MWP.  More Ambassadors are needed.

One unique feature of the Ambassador Program is its weekly self-scheduling procedure.  Throughout the season, each Ambassador thus has the opportunity to recognize what needs to be done and to serve in the most satisfying capacity that fits their schedule.

Ambassadors may choose to serve our guests in and around the chalet or on the trails, or both.

The Orientation Seminar for New Ambassador Volunteers will be scheduled to meet the needs of interested volunteers:  If you wish to learn more about the Ambassadors Program please contact Wes Doak at