Ski Patrol

Ski Patrol is a group of volunteers who enjoy skiing and helping others enjoy skiing. We are trained to a level equivalent to a basic EMT in outdoor emergency care and rescue. Each year before the ski season begins we participate in a day of refreshing our emergency care and rescue skills. We are also certified in professional level CPR which is required to refresh annually. The medical training is the same for Alpine and Nordic patrollers. We participate in clinics to improve our skiing skills.

Fortunately we have few skiing accidents at Minocqua Winter Park, so the Ski Patrol is primarily concerned with keeping safe skiing practices. That is to say, we practice preventative patrolling. We hope all skiers will report hazardous skiing conditions. We ski many of the trails but can not always cover all 80 kilometers of the trail system, and trail conditions can change throughout the day. The location and type of hazard should be reported so that repairs or warnings can be made. Ski Patrollers carry radios so they can contact each other and the chalet.  We keep a snowmobile ready to perform rescues when needed. We also make sure no one is left on the trails at the end of the day. Minocqua Winter Park has many interconnecting trails and people can become confused so they ski longer and farther than they plan. Members of the ski patrol search for skiers who do not return when they are expected. If you need help, please notify any of the Ski Patrol or a MWP Employee.

The Minocqua Winter Park Ski Patrol is entirely funded by donations. Through the years the skiers have been very generous. We thank you for all the equipment and supplies which have been used to help aid and protect you out on the trails.

Our Patrol has been honored many times for its service, most recently as “National Outstanding Nordic Patrol” for the 2012-2013 season. Twice we have been recognized as the “Central Division Outstanding Nordic Ski Patrol”. In 2009 we were awarded ‚ÄĚNorth Central Region Outstanding Nordic Ski Patrol”.

We are always eager to have more Patrollers on our team. If you are interested in joining this elite group of dedicated volunteers please contact a MWP Ski Patroller or employee.