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An Incredible Drive Up Event!

What an incredible Drive Up event we had this past weekend! For anyone who doesn't know, we hold "drive ups," which is an accessible mode of transportation to be able to see the Overlook, at the top of Squirrel Hill. We had the joy of hosting twenty guests on Saturday, and 42 on Sunday. We had visitors who were seeing the view from the Overlook for the first time, and it's always nice hearing how much participants enjoy our Park, and its facilities.

A word from one of our board members, who also helped to put on this drive up event:

"Yesterday was one of the very best weather watching adventures I've ever had.  It totally made up for the lack of color.  The weather was coming from the NNE at a good clip.  Storm clouds were rising and falling, with downpours in the distance parading across the panorama.  The intermittent sun pockets cast shadows that accentuated the terrain elegantly.  And then the two hail storms, the second of which brought at least 40 mph gusts.  The pop up survived--it was anchored with four 50 pound buckets of rocks." - Wes Doak

Thank you all for your support, and we hope to continue to be able to blow you away with this event!