Ice Skating

Chip Wulff Memorial Pond 

The ice pond is the perfect place to slide around in your snow boots or practice your  triple Lutz!  ;o)

Chip Wulff Memorial Pond is located next to the Chalet. It receives much love throughout the season from uber-volunteer Ted Ashby.

During the 2012/2013 season, we received a generous donation to improve the pond (and make Ted’s life easier). A new well was installed next to the pond, allowing for quick resurfacing of the ice. After each snowfall, a new snowblower will help us to re-open the pond faster. Perhaps best of all, we now have more than two dozen pairs of brand new ice skates in a wide variety of sizes, and skate rental remains free. WooHoo!

Still, if you have them, please bring your own skates.

Chip’s Daughter and Grandson