Minocqua Winter Park Ski Shop

Minocqua Winter Park Ski Shop


March 01, 2024 at 12:00 pm

Open by appointment only: Schedule an appointment by emailing [email protected]

The Minocqua Winter Park Ski Shop and Ski School offers a wide variety of Cross Country Ski equipment, clothing, and accessories including waxing gear, glasses, gloves, hats, water belts, and more! Check out the wide variety of ski equipment from entry level touring to elite racing. Ski shop staff are very knowledgable and can help with ski waxing services and repair. 

New to skiing? Lessons are a great way to be introduced into the sport on the right foot...umm ski. The ski shop has PSIA certified instructors who are avid skiers and love teaching! 


Minocqua Winter Park Ski Shop & Ski School is located in the main chalet.


Rentals & Retail: Daily | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Lessons & Demos: Daily | By Appointment
Beginner Classic & Skate Specials: Saturday & Sunday | 11:00 am, Noon, or 1:00pm



The Minocqua Winter Park Ski Shop sells a variety of equipment, wax, clothing and accessories, skate blades, roller skis, snowshoes, and ski sails to enhance your winter sporting experience.


Rental equipment is a great way to try cross-country skiing for the first time, or try equipment before you buy your own. The Ski Shop’s rental equipment is upgraded each season and includes children’s skis and high performance demo models. They also rent snowshoes, and pulks (sleds) so that the whole family can ski together! Rental equipment is available during our evening candlelight events. 

Nordic Wolves and Pups

Nordic Wolves & Pups is a skier development program run by the Minocqua Winter Park Ski Shop. The goal is to provide an opportunity for families with children in kindergarten through 5th grades to have fun while becoming cross-country skiers.

Ski School & Lessons

The Winter Park Ski School specializes in making your cross-country ski experience a fun and safe experience. PSIA certified instructors offer tailored lessons to the beginners and experts alike. Private lessons or group lessons can be arranged.


Many pros agree the most important resource for getting started in any sport is to take live lessons from a good instructor.  MWP Ski School Director, Dan Clausen and his staff are all certified PSIA instructors.  Dan is also a member of the Professional Ski Instructors of America Nordic Demo team and is recognized among his peers as one of the best.

“Dan’s a great instructor…and phenomenal athlete, but more importantly, he knows how to communicate skills and confidence to pretty much any level of skier. I had a clinic from Dan maybe five years ago and still count it among the best ski lessons ever.”

Jonathan Weisel, widely-published writer and expert on Nordic skiing

Clausen has developed his own effective style of teaching, a method involving observing several details allowing him to teach each student according to a set of existing criteria.  He puts it like this:

“Teaching skiing for 25 years has given me the experience to watch literally thousands of skiers of all abilities. The dynamics of body types, physical ability, and equipment, terrain, and snow conditions dictates the skier’s experience. It is finding the right balance of these dynamics that make skiing enjoyable. That is my job, helping people reach that balance.”