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James Bruno


I believe in the value of Minocqua Winter Park to the North Woods. The conservation easement protects a large contiguous green space from over-development. Minocqua Winter Park improves the quality of life for local residents with social events, races, nature presentations, and a place for safe outdoor activity. By providing a venue for numerous activities, the Park strengthens local social bonds. The park gives people one more reason to stay during the winter months, not leaving their homes as ghost homes during the winter, with no social or economic activity. Minocqua  Winter Park has a further  positive economic impact encouraging tourism from around the Midwest as a premier ski destination. Finally, the presence of a fun outdoor venue, encourages a healthy lifestyle, decoupling people from a sedentary lifestyle and over-immersion in social media.

I humbly submit to being just one of 8.1 billion people worldwide, but will endeavor to assist in making this little corner of the world a better place to live.  

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