Volunteers support the Winter Park Programming Crew to create and maintain year-round activities with an emphasis on education, trail enhancement, kids/family, citizen science, and most importantly: fun! Check out all the way you can get involved below.

Trail Activity/Programming Volunteer Opportunities: 

Bunny Loop Activity

  • This easy 2km ski loop features 8 wooden posts where weekly themed trail activities, trivia, or games are placed. It's a fantastic incentive for kids (and adults) to complete the loop. Help us switch out the weekly themed Bunny Loop activity. Volunteers must be on skis

Seasonal Storybook Trails

  • Help maintain these fan favorite trail activities. In the winter, volunteers can snowshoe the 1 mile Popple Loop trail or make a lap around the Chip Wulff Memorial Skating Pond and check the book pages.  

Guided Tours

  • Want to lead or help out will a guided ski, snowshoe, or summer hike? We offer in-house guided trail tours throughout the seasons usually held on weekends. We sometimes need a "sweep" to bring up the back of the group. 

Nature Shelter Naturalist Displays

  • Help "winterize" the Nature Shelter by installing the naturalist displays and winter decorations.
  • Check on the displays and help tidy up the Nature Shelter on a weekly basis

Snow Monitoring

  • Help Winter Park report snow conditions! Visit the three snow measuring stations (two on ski trails, one on a snowshoe trail) and report snow depth on trail and in the woods along with any recent snowfall. 

Spring/Summer Blue Bird Monitoring

  • Check nest boxes and count eggs and hatchlings during spring and early summer months. In coordination with the Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin. 

Spring Frog Monitoring

  • Visit the Chip Wulff Memorial Skating Pond at dusk during the spring months and record information on frog species and call intensity. In coordination with the Wisconsin DNR

How to Sign Up:

Email Barb at [email protected] with your name and what activity you are interested in participating in.

Questions? email us at [email protected] or call us at (715) 356-3309