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Adriane Morabito

'The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step" - LaoTzu

 As an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys exploring the woods, water, open spaces and rolling hills, I've learned that spending time observing nature and discovering the connections within  diverse ecosystems has been my guide. In the years we've spent in Northern WI, I explored the area through cross country skiing, biking and hiking. Minocqua Winter Park (MWP), the largest land-trust conservation easement in WI is an incredibly diverse place to explore. Knowing this space has been conserved through land trust agreements for generations to discover and explore solidifies Minocqua Winter Park's long-standing status as a "hidden gem" 

My background is in environmental education and nonprofit management. Prior to living in Wisconsin, I lived in northern MN, where I had served as the Executive Director for the Iron Range Partnership for Sustainability and was the Founder and lead educator of the Ely Children’s and Community Garden. More recently, I was the Northern WI Regional Coordinator for WI School Garden Network, and Program Director for Minocqua's local Girls on the Run Council. 

I am a strategic and organizational planner. I thrive in situations where we can build community, partnerships and teams, develop programming, recruit a diverse membership, volunteer and leadership team. The rich history of Minocqua Winter Park (MWP) can be explained best as ongoing community collaboration. The fabric of MWP is made up of dedicated volunteers, members, donors, staff, the MWP Ski Shop, Town of Minocqua, the Northwoods Land Trust, landowners, program partners and visitors from near and far. These are the people that make Minocqua Winter Park the unique community and outdoor experience that it is. If you’d like to get involved, go for a walk, a ski, a bike ride or take in an awesome overlook please contact [email protected]. I hope to see you on the trail! 

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