Praise of MWP

Testimonials and reviews from our community about Minocqua Winter Park.

You will never get bored on the trails for there are so many.

Winter Park has been a part of my life since I started skiing when I was three. One of my favorite trails is “VO2 Max”, it is challenging, yet fun with all of its hills and sharp turns.

Skiing is like flying but on the ground.

MWP is a place that skiers and other outdoor enthusiasts can find beautifully maintained trails and stunning scenery for either a simple afternoon workout or a weekend adventure.

I have been skiing at Minocqua Winter Park since I was five or six years old and have created great snowy memories with my family. The park is one of the best trail systems in the United States and it has made myself and many others into the best athletes possible.

Jakob Craig

Jakob Craig

Competitive XC Skier