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Trail Activities and Programs

Our goal is to make your visit to Winter Park an unforgettable experience! Whether you are on skis, snowshoes, ice skates, hiking boots, or mountain bikes, we are proud to offer a wide variety of fun, interactive, and engaging trail activities the whole family can enjoy.

Contact us at [email protected] for more information on how to get involved.


Bunny Loop Activity 

Follow the bunny signs as you ski this easy 2km route and play games or learn trivia at the 7 interactive stations. Topics change every week or so and include scats and tracks, owl pellets and bones, or rocks and trees just to name a few. 

Current Trail Topic: 

Cookie Loop Punch Card

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Challenge yourself with this fun ski adventure! Pick up a free punch card at the Chalet and follow the cookie signs around this easy 5.5km ski route. Stop at all 5 mailboxes to complete your punch card. Return your completed card to the Chalet for a free cookie! 

Be a part of the Cookie Loop pack: Take a picture with the wolves at the trailside selfie station and send it to Erin at [email protected] to be featured on social media.

Storybook Trails 

Follow the pages of two charming family-friendly books to read a short story while enjoying the beautiful Northwoods. Thank you to the Minocqua Public Library for their support in this collaboration.

Popple Loop Snowshoe Trail 

Chip Wulff Memorial Ice Skating Pond 

The Nature Shelter 

Citizen Science 

We are participating in multiple citizen science projects at the park this year. 

Snow Monitoring: Tracking snow data allows us to provide more accurate snow depth and recent snowfall reports throughout the year. Snow stations are located at the Nature Shelter, Wolf’s Den Shelter, and Popple Loop Snowshoe Trail. Become a Winter Park Snow Monitor: anyone can stop by and fill out the snow report log. 

Snapshot Wisconsin (DNR): Monitoring wildlife year-round using a state-wide network of trail cameras. Follow us on Facebook to see all the animals that share our trails. 

Nature Shelter

Located at the corner of Nepco’s Cruise and X-C Express. This is a perfect place to stop, take a break and watch the birds! Check out the interactive displays to test your knowledge on animal tracks, plant ID, and Winter Park history.


StoryBook Trail: 

Thank you to the Minocqua Public Library for their support in this collaboration.

2024 Summer book: Coming Soon

Park at the small lot outside the main gate and follow the pages around the yellow gate. This route is stroller friendly and is a short, but steep, .7 mile out and back route. 

Bird Survey Trail

Follow the bird symbols along an easy 3 mile loop to participate in our bird survey activity. Hikers and bikers can stop at the 6 stations along the route and record the birds heard and seen at each spot. You are encouraged to document your findings on the eBird app as well!

Citizen Science

Help us identify and survey the plants and animals that call Winter Park home! We're participating in the following programs and could us your help!

Snapshot Wisconsin (DNR): Monitoring wildlife year-round using a state-wide network of trail cameras. 

Bio Blitz (iNaturalist): There's so much biodiversity here at the park! Let's see what we can find! Use the iNaturalist app to record plants, insects, birds, etc.

Bluebird Survey: In conjunction with the Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin, we have installed nesting boxes and are surveying success of cavity nesting species including Bluebirds, Tree Swallows, and Wrens. Contact us at [email protected] to help with the survey.

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